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Needless to say, when you want to get into photography, you will need a camera. Although film based camera still has its reputation in the field, it is recommended that you get a digital camera for the hobby due to its user friendliness.

Digital camera owes its existence to NASA where digital imaging was developed to help astronauts to navigate their spaceship. During that time, the camera certainly looks different what you have today. It was using a mosaic photosensor to produce digital photograph.

This photosensor was later developed into a charge coupled device (CCD) which most compact digital cameras are having now. The CCD will record the picture when light struck on it. Then the recorded images will be converted into digital data to be display on the LCD screen and later stored in memory.

As the technology improves, these cameras were developed into a few categories and among the few famous one are the compact digital camera, bridge camera and DSLR (digital single reflex lens) camera.

Compact digital camera is the point and shoot camera that occupied the consumer market. It is smaller in size, affordable and suitable for occasional photographer. Bridge camera is the camera that shares the feature of point and shoots camera and DSLR camera. It has similar manual control as DSLR and cheaper than DSLR. DSLR camera is considered as the professional camera and you can change lenses depending on the purpose of your photography.

Now, you can only enjoy digital photography when you have the right camera. When you are starting on photography, you should start with compact or bridge camera. Not just that DSLR is more expensive, it is also more complicated. You will have problem enjoying the hobby when you have problem appreciating your tool.

So, when you are choosing your camera, the first thing you need to think is your purpose for photography. When you intend to move into the professional segment, you can start with a bridge camera. It is wise that you get yourself familiarize with the features and functions before you move forward with something more advance.

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Learn Digital Photography - All About Digital Camera

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This article was published on 2008/12/07