Digital Camera, It’s Features and Factors to Consider before Buying Digital Camera

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A digital camera or digicam is a device that records as well as stores images, videos and records them with the help of an electronic image sensor. It is the primary device that is used in digital photography. Most of the cameras in this 21st century are digital. Some of the features that make digital camera distinct from still camera are:

•  Digital cameras help to display image on their respective screen after they are shot
•  It helps to store thousands of images on a single memory card
•  It can delete images automatically to free the storage space
•  It can record moving video with sound as well as still
•  Some digital cameras can even crop or stretch photographs
•  Some digicam even produce Geotagged photographs

There are various kinds of digital camera available in the Indian market. Digital camera is generally made in a wide range of prices, sizes and performance level. Among the other the majority are the camera phones that are operated as any cell phone application with the help of cell phone menu. For greater versatility professional photographs makes use of larger, expensive DSLR or digital single lens reflex cameras. Between these two extremes there are also digital compact cameras and bridge digital cameras. These bridge digital cameras acts as a bridge between professional and amateur cameras. Specific cameras together with astrographs and multispectral imaging equipment still serves the military, scientific and medical purposes for which the concept of digital photography was actually invented. But, from all these types of digital cameras you need to make the right preference for the best digital camera to buy.

It is always advisable to buy camera online rather than taking the trouble of moving from one store to another to purchase the digicam of your choice at a cheaper price. You can buy camera online in India these days without any hassle. But, while purchasing digital cameras you should keep into consideration few factors. They are:

•  Megapixels – The resolution of any camera can be well understood with the help of megapixel. The basic idea is the number of pixel the camera has to capture an image.

So, the higher number of megapixel the more clarity you will get to see in the photograph. If you purchase a camera that has 2 megapixel then the image quality will not be that crisp or detailed compare to higher megapixel cameras. Higher megapixel camera will also give you the added advantage of priting image that are larger in size maintaining the right quality.

•  Digital zoom and Optical zoom – To take image that are at a distance you will definitely want some kind of zoom function in your camera. Though this is bit complicated for first time buyers but still they need to know that there are two types of zoom. One of which is digital zoom and the other is optical zoom. But, the most important one that matters most is optical zoom. With this you will find objects much closer to you with the help of the optics of the camera. Digital zoom helps to edit an image on a particular software package. It enlarges an image in such a way so that it looks closer to you.

•  Aperture Size - This is also an important factor it helps you to find out how much light is let into the camera when the photo is shot. If you have a larger aperture then there is less requirement of flash.

•  Shutter speed – With the help of this you can manipulate a photograph the way you want to. Shutter speed helps to get better quality of photo.

Thus, consider these points before buying digital camera.

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Digital Camera, It’s Features and Factors to Consider before Buying Digital Camera

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Digital Camera, It’s Features and Factors to Consider before Buying Digital Camera

This article was published on 2011/09/16