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The first digital camera was invented in 1975 and since then, photography and video capturing has turned into a fun. Like ordinary cameras, no film or tape is used in these cameras. A digital camera makes use of an electronic chip. When the light falls on this electronic chip after passing through the aperture, the chip turns the image into a digital form and the camera saves this image into a digital memory card. A digital video camera and the still camera work on the same principle but the only difference is their mode of operation. Digital still camera is meant for capturing static images that can be anything: a natural landscape, a birthday or marriage event, a musical concert, a building, an animal or any other natural object.


Digital still camera has reduced the cost of photography to a great extent. With ordinary still cameras, one needs to buy a film which after photography needs to be developed and then printed in order to bring the final outcomes. Moreover, taking snaps with these filmed cameras had been risky because once exposed to light, everything is lost. Processing for developing the films needed special dark rooms where the films used to pass some specialized chemicals for development of the negatives of the snaps. Also it used to take plenty of time to get the final snaps in printed form.


Digital still camera has reduced this time to a great extent. The images captured by a still camera are readily available for printing using color printers. Every modern digital camera is available in both modes: the shooting mode and the recording mode. You can choose the mode according to your needs and capture the moments as still images of in the form of video. The quality of a digital video camera is measured on the basis of its lens power and the storage capacity.  The lens power is measured in megapixels. The latest digital cameras have lens power of 12 megapixels or even higher that provide videos and images very close to the reality.


As far as the storage capacity of a digital camera is concerned, there are two types of storages. One is the built-in memory which is usually small (limited to 2GB or more) and the second is the external memory in the form of removable memory card. These cards can store up to 40GB which is indeed a huge memory capable of storing more than one million images and more than 48 hours consecutive video recording.


Buying a digital camera is as complex as buy any other electronic gadget like an iPod, a laptop or an iPad. While buying a digital camera, pay special attention to both these factors. There are numerous brands specialized for manufacturing digital cameras but before you buy one, compare the features and prices and choose the digital camera which is more suitable in all disciplines. Spending a little more time in researching can be beneficial to a great extent as you’ll enjoy high quality images and videos afterwards.

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Every modern digital camera is available in both modes: the shooting mode and the recording mode. Digital still camera has reduced this time to a great extent.

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Digital Camera Buying Guide

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Digital Camera Buying Guide

This article was published on 2012/01/06